"An incredible journey through the history of rock 'n roll" Ben Saboonchian - KIRO TV

Wishbone is a Seattle region based 4-piece "unplugged" band who guide their audience through a musical journey of popular music spanning over 5 decades (1950s -2000). Highlighting selections of epic bands and songs, the music triggers memories of events, places, people and how music has richly affected each of our lives. The band engages the audience on a very personal level by creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere where each person is made to feel like they play a role in the overall performance experience.

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Dave McCabe, Rick Barela, Michael Johnson, Jimmy Lee Barela

Michael Johnson (acoustic guitar, vocals, guitar synthesizer, mandolin) Playing guitar since the age of 5, Michael is the winner of the '92 & '93 KISW "Best Guitarist of Seattle," and has formerly played with George Lynch (Dokken) & Eric Martin (Mr. Big), among other artists. Michael has literally taught hundreds of thousands guitar students worldwide through the classroom, authored books & videos (Experience Hendrix) and over the Internet (Riff Interactive, Microsoft Network).

Rick Allen (vocals, acoustic guitar) An exceptionally talented and versatile vocalist and guitarist, Rick formerly fronted the Seattle based group Dr. Grind and many bands in the New Mexico and California regions. Rick composed "Ordinary Day" which has been recently released in the movie "12 Bucks" (Kindred Spirit Films).

Jimmy Lee (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass) Like his brother Rick, Jim is an extremely talented musician who's vocal and bass skills rounds out the combo. Jim can sing an amazing array of styles which range from the Everly Brothers, Pink Floyd to Bon Scott (AC DC) while laying down the groove on the bass or guitar.

Dave Lord (drums, vocals) Playing the drums since the age of 6, Dave is a very dynamic player who can cover many styles which ranges anywhere from Keith Moon (The Who), Ringo Star (Beatles), John Bonham (Zeppelin) to Neil Peart (Rush). Dave's percussions drive the sound of the band giving more punch to the overall performance.

Rick, Jimmy and Dave also perform in Cavernous Groove after the Wishbone set and perform original shows at various venues.

Wishbone performance starts with the 1950s on through to the late 1990s, Wishbone plays typically from 9:00pm to 10:40pm (1 hr 40 min.), and then Cavernous Groove performs electric rock classics and originals the remainder of the evening. Below is an audio sample, list of bands played in Wishbone's live performance and quotes from the audience.

Selected Audio Samples of Live Performance
   '50s - Everly Brothers
   '60s - Beatles
   '70s - Wings, Led Zeppelin, Eagles
   '80s - Rush, Journey
   '90s - Alice in Chains, Extreme

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Decades, Bands & Styles Performed


Elvis, Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry


Beatles, Hendrix, Doors, San Francisco Scene, Surf,

  Super Groups

Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones


Eagles, Heart, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, Steve Miller, Queen, Boston, Disco, Punk, Fusion, Southern Rock, AM radio


Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses, Skid Row, Tesla, Kiss,  Rush, Journey,


Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Extreme

Reviews & Audience Quotes

An incredible journey through the history of rock 'n roll. Rick and Jim Berala exhibit startling versatility with their vocal treatments. Close your eyes and one minute you think your listening to the Everly Brothers live; then it's John Lennon giving you a wrenching edition of, 'A Day in the Life.' The highlight of the performance was the band's convincing renditions of Led Zeppelin's, 'Ramble On' and 'Kashmir.' Rick Berala's vocals are eerie and haunting; you could swear it was Robert Plant on stage. Michael Johnson's stunning work with the guitar-synth conjures images of a full chamber orchestra outlining the melody. Hey, there's only 4 guys on stage, how can this be? Overall, Wishbone's exploration into the legacy of rock, from the 50's through the 90's, is a delight for all music fans, young and old.
Ben Saboonchian - KIRO TV

Oh no, not another cover band”, right? Wrong! Wishbone is not your average cover band. A refreshingly unique collaboration of talented musicians, they take you on an acoustic journey through the many eras of rock 'n' roll history. They begin their set with the 1950's and make their way through each decade until reaching the '90's. From Elvis Presley to Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, band members Michael Johnson, Rick Barela, Jim Barela and Dave McCabe showcase an innate ability to bring a part of themselves to each song while remaining true to the songwriter's original concept. It takes true talent and ability to capture so many genres of music and to actually triumph throughout. But triumph they do, sometimes making it difficult to remember you are listening to a cover band.  Wishbone is definitely worth spending the evening with. Melody Alderman - NorthwestMusicScene.com/Pure Magazine

"I was totally blown away by the songs you guys played and the quality of musicians! You guys should be playing major shows, I'm not kidding, you were that good and I've seen a lot of bands, trust me!" Rich & Ellen

"your vocalist and harmonies were amazing, the guitar player was one of the best players I've seen, I've never seen a band pull off the range of songs you played, I absolutely loved the Beatles, the Eagles and the Spanish guitar jam! You brought back so many memories" Debbie

"when you guys played Rush, I couldn't believe my ears, you played my all time favorite band!!! Your drummer totally jammed as well as the rest of the band, you guys have a fan forever!!! I'm going to tell all my friends!" Jim

"Your guitarist played anywhere from Van Halen to Al DiMeola, to classical, to rock, where did that guy come from?! Dude, did he play in a famous band or something! Your vocalist and harmonies and song selection was amazing as well" Tim

"I just love your vocalist, you guys rocked my world" Jennifer

"You guys are awesome! It's rare to see a band where everybody in the band is extremely talented, you nailed all the bands you covered, I would know, I'm a singer myself" Mia

"Al f*****g DiMeola!!! I couldn't believe you went into the Spanish guitar thing, DiMeola and then the Eagles, outstanding!" Dave

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